HISTORIC MEDIA LOGOStuart Stark has written articles on historic architecture for several years. In recent years, he has been writing original content articles for Historic Media, an online information source for heritage house owners and contractors.

The information is thoroughly researched, reliable, and meant to both inform and entertain. 

Fifty-three articles appear under five categories, on five websites, as listed below.

Paint PotsOH-colors
Articles in the Old House Colors website explain and illustrate aspects of choosing correct colors for old houses. Both interior and exterior color and decoration schemes are investigated and explained, with recommendations for appropriate colour placement.

Queen Anne brick Houses in LondonOH-history
How do you research your Old House? What style is it? At Old House History you will find tips on researching and recording the genealogy of your house, as well as sources for discovering what style your home is. Other articles explore the derivation of historic house styles in Europe, Canada and the United States. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 11.19.15 PMOH-living
Articles at Old House Living cover a wide range of topics – from historic tile designs; to using Wallpaper in Historic Houses; to the right sort of curtains for a particular age of home. The history of kitchens; stained glass windows; and fireplaces can be found here, along with tax evasion schemes from early France.

St Patrick Street Stained Glassclassic-bungalows
At Classic Bungalows, information is presented on the design and decoration of this distinctive style of heritage homes, popular from around 1905 until 1914, and then into the early 1920s. The design and origin of Bungalows is explained. Was it simply a house style; or a philosophy and life style?

Morris and Burne-Joneswilliam-morris-banner
The William Morris Wallpapers and Fabrics website gives information, images and research material about the life, achievements and and legacy of one of the world’s best known designers of wallpaper and fabric. A history of Morris’ life; the development of his wallpapers; and the printing of his fabrics; can be found here.