COVER SMALL Canadian Heritage Magazine INSIDE It Started in Bastion Square ARTICLE by Stuart Feb Mar 1984

It Started in Bastion Square

An examination of the rebirth of one of the oldest cities on the West Coast, from run-down inner city, to a restored Old Town. How one project in the 1970s gave the impetus for an entire district to be restored, bringing retail prosperity and tourist dollars, while retaining the significant heritage buildings in a major Heritage Conservation Area.

Canadian Heritage Magazine

OHI COVER Small Old House Interiors magazine Victorian Wallpapers ARTICLE April May 2001

Victorian Wallpapers

Different house styles required different wallpaper designs, in order to respect the architectural continuity intended by the architect. From stone-block patterns for hallways – with their attendant practical applications – to ‘room set’ designs of matching borders, wall fill, and ceiling papers, the rich splendour of wallpapers available to the Victorian homeowner is outlined.

Old House Interiors Magazine

COVER SMALL Old House Journal April 1997 Material Benefits article

Material Benefit:
Finding Fabric for Arts & Crafts Walls.

What did turn-of-the-century homeowners do with their walls? Free to choose among wallpaper, calcimine, and newly popular paints, many folks decided to hang fabric on their walls instead. Though few examples survive, it is clear that fabric was the wall covering of choice between 1900 and 1914 – and easy enough to recreate today.

Old House Journal Magazine

Edifice Magazine COVER SMALL

COVER Canadian Heritage Edinburgh Article 1984


Wallpaper & Historic Homes

How did wallpaper become synonymous with old houses?  Where did it come from? And who manufactured it? The fascinating history of walloper in 19th and early 20th century homes is examined. Its popularity and designs are explained, and restoration tips are offered.

Edifice Magazine



Edinburgh Revival

The Conservation of Scotland’s capital is explored in this article. From the medieval beginnings, through the construction of the Castle, and the Georgian New Town, to the surrounding Victorian suburbs, how the careful Scots manage to protect the heritage of their city is worthy of note. The 1960s wrought havoc on the city with new, inappropriate development. Reaction was to enact conservation guidelines to ensure that the heritage of this unique city would endure, like the city itself.

Canadian Heritage Magazine