Henry’s Lights

Just because there has been a gap in blogging  does not mean there has been a gap in writing. The major biography was completed and sent out for readings.  Carefully considered reviews and good comments were received back. A re-edit commenced, mostly shortening for length, a painful, but necessary task. Although it is sad to see carefully researched facts drop away,  the story is better for it, reading more smoothly.

Then an unexpected and previously undiscovered interview with the subject of the biography turned up, giving chapter and verse of his earlier life, covering previously unknown facts and times. So, back to the keyboard in order to weave the new facts into the amazing story of his life. Stay tuned.

Cover Henry's Lights FIRST DRAFTIn the meantime, a long short story – by length, properly called a ‘Novelette’ – called ‘Henry’s Lights’ was completed, set in west London, starting in the 1940s, and telling the story of one man’s obsession over a span of fifty years.

And then, the offer of a lecture for the Oak Bay Heritage Foundation – which started as telling the story contained in one chapter of the big biography – started another piece of writing.

Please see the next (newer) Blog for more details…